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Since its inception on 21 November 1954, the People's Action Party has attracted Singaporeans from all walks of life to become members.

Although belonging to different races and religions, members come together as one to serve the nation and the Party. This is because the members believe in the ideology of the Party.

In its continuing efforts to promote the activities of the Party, and also to ensure that the PAP remains strong, united and relevant, the Party formed the Young PAP and the Women's Wing to reach out to Singaporeans from these two groups. The support from Party members in the Young PAP and the Women's Wing has been crucial in helping the Party to understand the needs and concerns of both the young and the women of Singapore.

Party membership does not offer any special privileges or material benefits. However, party members do receive knowledge and experience in politics in Singapore and the world, through discussions and interaction with Party leaders. Also, the camaraderie, dedication and the common cause they share together with their fellow members are invaluable.

As the Party progresses in the 21st century, it looks forward to recruiting more Singaporeans, especially the younger ones, into the Party. The Party believes that through the process of self-renewal at all ranks, it will then be able to attract able men and women to lead Singapore to greater peace, progress and prosperity.

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