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Young PAP (YP) is the youth wing of the People's Action Party. It was mooted in 1986 by then-First Deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong who appointed then-BG Lee Hsien Loong to chair a new Youth Committee. In 1993, the Youth Wing was renamed the Young PAP. It is currently headed by Mr Chan Chun Sing.

The Young PAP is one of the three pillars of the PAP - the other two being the PAP Women's Wing and the PAP Policy Forum. The Young PAP's main objectives are:

1) Establish

To expand the network and footprint of the YP ethos

2) Embrace

To capture a diversity of members and views to represent Singapore's demographics; and in doing so to spur change from within

3) Evolve

To create a sphere of influence for members to grow and deepen their understanding of politics and how they can personalise politics to shape Singapore's future

These 3 Es guide our every project and focus.

Find out more about the Young PAP here.

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