PAP committed to Singapore and capable of leading the country forward

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The People’s Action Party (PAP) commemorated its 60th year of founding at the Victoria Concert Hall (VCH) on 7th, November 2014 (Friday).

With the theme “Forward together, A Brighter Tomorrow” the party re-affirmed the spirit which has always been at the centre of its journey when the PAP was officially launched at exactly the same venue (then Victoria Memorial Hall) on 21st November 1954.

Delivering his keynote speech at the commemorative event to 700 guests, Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong emphasised  the need to have strong leadership for Singapore. He said the Party is committed to Singapore and capable of leading the country forward.

Secretary-General Lee also urged to Party to continue hold fast to the PAP’s ideal and vision, develop new leaders, keep the Party vigorous and strong and win the trust and support of the people.

Among those in attendance on the event night were founding Secretary-General Lee Kuan Yew, and past and present members of the Cabinet. Many of the PAP pioneer generation of leaders and Members of Parliament were also present.

In his speech, SG Lee paid tribute to party’s generation members, naming some of them before rounding off the list with Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  For a full minute, Victoria Concert Hall was reverberated with applause as 700 members of the People's Action Party (PAP) stood and cheered founding father of PAP Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Taking to the same stage he stood on six decades ago at the founding of the PAP, the elder Mr Lee waved in acknowledgment.

The SG Lee also launched a book “PAP 60, Forward Together” which chronicles 60 defining moments in the party's history, with stories from activists who lived through this period. The book will be distributed to the 87 branches of PAP.

As part of the event for the night, Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong also unveiled an updated marker at the refurbished Victoria Concert Hall to commemorate the inaugural meeting of the PAP 60 years ago.

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