PAP.SG dialogue session on Medishield Life and CPF recommendations

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About 72 activists from the PAP Seniors Group ("PAP.SG") gathered today to prime their understanding of the full sleight of changes to the newly minted MediShield scheme and CPF recommendations. This is so they can in turn, communicate in easy-to-understand language when speaking with fellow Singaporeans on the ground.

PAP.SG Chair Madam Halimah Yacob, and Mr David Ong, MP for Jurong GRC were present at the energetic dialogue held at the PAP HQ that raised a flurry of queries about the new schemes, with many cogent points reflecting concerns of seniors across varied economic backgrounds.

Amongst issues raised on MediShield Life, many asked about how much assistance will be given to defray premiums for needy Singaporeans and those from low-income families; as well as how to encourage Singaporeans to take an informed perspective of the scheme and to continue to stay healthy. On the CPF changes, members applauded the improved flexibilities but most felt more effort on the ground will be required to help Singaporeans make calibrated and sensible choices in order to retire adequately.

Said Madam Halimah, "The improved policies crystallize the PAP’s core beliefs, with the Government shouldering more of citizens’ burden, in sickness and in old age. As these revised policies will affect Singaporeans throughout their entire lifetime, it is important for everyone to understand how to make clear, independent decisions, given the array of choices now open to them."

"Today's dialogue shored important feedback and plugged several gaps in policy interpretation. Our members believe the elderly in the community need more help in understanding how they can benefit from the changes. They charge themselves as ground influencers and are now proactively 'decoding' the new schemes for the consumption of fellow seniors in their communities," added Madam Malimah,

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