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Energising and invigorating women activists politically continues to be one of the main focuses of the new WW executive committee, says Ms Grace Fu.

In an interview with Petir, the WW chairman points out that conventional mobilisation is no longer enough; women activists have to go out there to get more people interested and understand politics, build a stronger network of supporters and get more people to cast their votes for the PAP.

Being in WW is not just volunteering to do social work, or helping the neighbours, she reminds them.

"When volunteers help out at the meet-the- people sessions, their hearts are in the right place. It's a good start. But we are here to deliver the bigger good. We need to continue delivering the right for the PAP to govern."

Since taking over as Chairman of WW, Ms Fu has been giving the women activists more exposure to the political aspect of WW's work, through the quarterly meetings, as well as the annual conferences.

Sharpening political perspectives

Jan 2015 to Dec 2016

Chairman: Grace Fu
Vice chairman (outreach): Indranee Rajah
Vice chairman (advocacy): Josephine Teo
Vice chairman (outreach): Amy Khor
Secretary: Sim Ann
Assistant secretary: Ng Hsueh Ling
Assistant secretary: Lee Su Min
Treasurer: Foo Mee Har
Assistant treasurer: Low Yen Ling
New Media – lead: Tin Pei Ling
New Media – deputy lead: Lena Lee

And the women activists are urged to hone their political perspectives when they meet.

For example, when it comes to major government policies like the Pioneer Generation package, she will discuss with them: Why is the government doing this? What does it mean for the elderly? Why is it important to the women? What are the views from the women's perspective?

"As women, we live longer, and so this package benefits women more. We need the women activists to recognise this and discuss how to address the political needs of women of different age-groups, and be active advocates for them," she adds.

Armed with heightened political awareness, they will become effective activists for their branches in communications and campaigning during elections.

"Half of the voters are women, and we in WW, as women, understand the psyche and know how to position ourselves and explain the PAP's policies to the women voters," Ms Fu explains.

In the new Exco, whose term started in Jan 2015, the WW is also looking to expand its reach in the cyberspace, to rally the people to support and amplify the women's voice - to share and defend the PAP's positions.

The Exco role on new media has been enhanced to organise the WW's presence and to take positions on government policies from the women's standpoint.


This article was first published in the May 2015 issue of Petir Magazine.

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