Need help with explaining what the Pioneer Generation Package is about?

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Our Pioneer Generation helped build our nation into the Singapore it is today following our independence. Hence we need to honour them, recognise their contributions and care for them in their silver years.

To help the Pioneer Generation understand what this package entails for them, the government has created a series of video messages in the four official languages and several common dialects.

You can use these videos to help you explain to the elderly members of your family and community what the Pioneer Generation Package means for them, and to spread the word that Singapore's Pioneers can be assured that their healthcare needs will be taken care of.

Benefits of the Pioneer Generation Package (Part 1)

Coffee Shop: Ramadan Special (Malay with Eng subtitles)

Repair Shop (Tamil with Eng Subs)

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy (Tamil with Eng Subs)

The Musical (Chinese with Chinese Subs)

Mahjong Style (Cantonese with Eng Subs)

Fortune Teller (Hokkien with Eng subs)

Crosstalk (Teochew with Eng Subs)

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