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Ask any long-time party activist for the secret of its unbroken record of success, and you will be told that "the party prepares for General Elections the day it wins one." 

Such successes are as much the efforts of activists as that of politicians.

The moment the election date is announced, the already well-oiled party machinery swings into high gear. Party activitsts work tirelessly during campaigning, putting up banners, posters and flags.

Didja know?

  1. The PAP won the first 1959 election to form the first national government of Singapore and has won a majority of seats in every general election since then. Every contest is keenly fought. In the early days, the party even rolled out several songs, including one called "Voting Song", to win over voters.
  2. The PAP puts up between 16 and 24 new candidates at each election. The determination to self-renew dates as far back as 1968 when the party brought in 18 new candidates during that year's general election.

This article was first published in the July 2014 issue of Petir Magazine.

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