Behind the scenes of the Rally

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Nothing was left to chance to ensure that the Rally, which saw 6,000 participants, went seamlessly at the Singapore Expo. Right down to the timing of chartered bus services.

Behind the stage during the PAP rally, William Chow, 42, clung on to his walkie talkie, for the IT manager and YP exco member was in charge of the day's programme.

From ensuring that a platform was pushed in place for female speakers - so they appear to be of about the same height as the men, to cueing the music and playing three videos about the PAP at the right moments of the programme, he made sure everything ran like clockwork.

Earlier on that Dec 7 morning, his colleague Larry Chua, 38, busied himself with transport arrangements for over 6,000 participants who came by car and chartered buses.

"We looked into details like how many seconds each bus can wait in the bus bay, whether the walk to the hall would be too long and tiring for the elderly pioneers, and we had to ensure that we didn't inconvenience other members of the public who were at the Singapore Expo," said Mr Chua, a general manager in an electrical contracting firm.

YP volunteers like Mr Chow and Mr Chua have worked behind the scenes since March where they ironed out details of the massive event via monthly meetings, Whatsapp chats and e-mails.

"I am very privileged and honoured to have helped in organising this," said Mr Chow, a PAP member since 2011. Added Mr Chua: "The fact that we all worked together to realise an event which we ourselves enjoyed was what gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment."

This article was first published in the January 2015 issue of Petir Magazine

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