Birthday celebration with the community

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A major rally at the end of the year, a slew of social projects and a portable exhibition kit. These are but some of the "presents'' the PAP has in store for party members and fellow Singaporeans to celebrate its diamond jubilee this year.

In fact, giving back and serving the community is a central theme of the celebratory activities, according to PAP60 organising committee chairman Lawrence Wong.

"It's more than just celebrating PAP60 amongst ourselves. We want to give something back to the community," he said.


One major element of the celebrations will be a series of activist-led social projects for the community.

Ideas will be solicited from the branches (grouped together at the regional or the GRC level), with the PAP HQ providing resources to translate them into action.

"Already, the PAP activists are contributing to the community on a daily basis. It's the very DNA of the party - to be action oriented, to serve, and to get things done on the ground for the benefit of our people," said Mr Wong.

"But PAP60 is a special occasion, so we will put in special efforts this year," he added.

These will be new social projects on a ground-up basis across the whole of Singapore to address specific issues in the community. They could be demographic specific, such as targeting the elderly or youth, or specific to a certain geographical area in the GRC.


Giving thanks to party activists who have contributed to the party in the past 60 years is another important aspect of the celebrations.

"Turning 60 is a major milestone for us. We have come this far because of the commitment and dedication of our people. So this is a time for us to recognise the hard work and contributions of all our activists," said Mr Wong.

A commemorative event in November will be held at the newly refurbished Victoria Concert Hall.

This is significant because it was in the very same hall that the party was inaugurated 60 years ago.

At the event, a book on 60 defining moments in the party's history, with stories from activists who lived through this period, will be launched.

"Some of the story tellers are our pioneer activists and it will be a good occasion for us to pay tribute to our pioneer generation party members."

There will also be a roving exhibition highlighting the party's key moments and the activists' stories. The exhibition will travel to a few places around Singapore. Venue details will be announced later on the PAP website.

In addition to the roving exhibition, the PAP60 organising committee will provide each of the 87 branches with a scaled down "portable" exhibition kit comprising banners, posters and video clips. The branches can customise and use these resources to do their own mini-exhibitions.

The series of celebrations will culminate in a major PAP60 anniversary dinner as well as a mass rally at the end of the year. More than 6,000 activists are expected to take part in the celebrations.

Mr Wong added, "We had a good convention last year where we set out a resolution that outlined what the party stood for, and charted the directions ahead for the party. We will build on this resolution as we prepare for the party conference and rally this year."

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