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To commemorate its 60th year of founding, the People’s Action Party (PAP) held a Dinner and Awards Ceremony for its activists. Nearly 3000 of its dedicated and loyal activists attended the dinner which was held at the Singapore Expo.

Members of the Central Executive Council, former Members of Parliament and founding members of the party branches also attended the dinner.

Party activists who have contributed tirelessly to help PAP secure strong mandates from the people to govern Singapore continuously came up for special mention by the Party Chairman.

Chairman Khaw Boon Wan commended the Party activists for their hard work. He said: "Our values serve as important guide posts for the Party as we embark on the next stage of our journey. But ultimately, it's the people in the Party who make these values come alive, and who make our objectives achievable. All of you are the reasons why we are able to keep our Party strong and healthy, and our nation peaceful and prosperous."

During the dinner, Mr Khaw announced that the Party will accord Life Party Membership status to members who are at least 65 years old and have served the Party for at least 25 years. He said that the Party Exco will implement it. This gesture shows that the Party values the contribution of these long-serving members and recognises their continued importance as community volunteers, with their wealth of experience.

Mr Khaw also gave an update as to what to expect during the upcoming Party Convention and rally on 7 December 2014. He said that the Party Constitution will be amended to effect the new PAP Resolution into the Party constitution. The proposed amendments will not only fully reflect the intent and the spirit behind the new PAP Resolution but also help to sharpen our Party’s objectives and vision, he said.

PAP's Secretary General Lee Hsien Loong paid special tribute to the activists. He said: "As we celebrate the PAP's 60th birthday, I salute all our activists who personify the Party's spirit and values. Let us continue to serve with humility and act on behalf of the people. We've succeeded in the last six decades, and we must make it work for many more years. The PAP has a responsibility to lead Singapore to greater successes."

During the dinner, nearly 400 activists from several branches were honoured for their dedicated and loyal service to the party. They received their awards in the following categories:

1.            Commendation Medals
2.            Dedicated Service Star* Awards
3.            Dedicated Service Medals
4.            Long Service Medals – Gold
5.            Long Service Medals – Silver
6.            Long Service Medals – Bronze
7.            Women’s Medals 
8.            Youth Medals

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