Party Conference and Rally 2014: Speech by Saktiandi Bin Supaat

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Excerpt of speech by Mr Saktiandi Bin Supaat of the PAP Policy Forum at the PAP60 Party Rally on Sunday, 7 December 2014.

“Through Konfrontasi, through separation from Malaysia and through the withdrawal of the British forces. The PAP has been the faithful steward - leading Singapore through these challenges and laying the basic building blocks of nation building.

“Then, as now, the PAP also faced populist pressures. But the party held on to its objective to represent and serve all Singaporeans - and not just some but all. The PAP government has time and again introduced policies with long term considerations.  It may be bitter medicine at the start, but it delivers results.  This is always balanced against remaining attentive to the concerns for those affected and most importantly always finding touch-points where the people and the party can connect.”


For the full text of the speech click here

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