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PAP issues membership cards for cadre and ordinary members.

In the early years, membership cards had a hard cover, which could be flipped open.

In the 1980s, the cards became a simple laminated card.

From 1990s, cards no longer carry photos.

Didja know?

  • The party badge used to be made of cloth. Now, it's a piece of metal combined with plastic.
  • The badge reminds members what the party stands for: 1) Red lightning: action 2) Blue circle: solidarity 3) White background: purity.
  • When the PAP started, there was only one category of membership and no membership cards were issued.
  • After Nov 23, 1958, a cadre system was established, where cadre members are chosen by party leaders.
  • Annual membership fee was $4 in the 1950s. Members were mostly workers, hawkers, petty traders, clerks, shopkeepers and farmers.

This article was first published in the April 2014 issue of Petir Magazine.

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