More flexible and more accessible Public Housing for Singaporeans
Housing and Development Board (HDB) is looking into making "Two-Room Flexi" housing scheme more accessible and flexible for prospective buyers.
About PAP Seniors Group (PAP.SG)

"The PAP.SG is an interest group, not a group of old people. It is a group which will champion elderly causes. It will work on issues which affect the lives of our elderly - their quality of life, their care and security; which it will work with PCF to pilot new solutions to eldercare needs; and which will engage senior party activists, so we can use their experience to mentor younger officers."
- Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Party Convention 2013

PAP.SG Objectives

To signal our Party's intent to focus and care for the growing population of elderly in Singapore.

The group will focus on:
a) Advocacy for cross-cutting issues that impact on our elders' quality of life, care and security
b) Activities and actions to promote volunteerism and active contributions to the community, especially in the care of the elderly; and
c) Maintain links with senior party activists and leverage on their experience to mentor new activists where suitable


"Our seniors have played a crucial role in Singapore's development but they face issues and challenges intrinsic to a rapidly ageing society. Hence, it is timely that we form PAP.SG to act as their sounding board to the government."
-Halimah Yacob, Chairman, PAP.SG

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