PPF’s new council to continue momentum and raise awareness
The 6th PPF Council comprises of 25 elected members.
About PAP Policy Forum (PPF)
The PAP Policy Forum (PPF) serves as a platform to strengthen the openness and trust between the party members and its leaders. Through dialogues, it enables the rank-and-file members of the PAP to engage government leaders on policy issues.
Each of the party's 87 branches elects two members to the forum. In addition, there are 10 members each from the Women's Wing and the Young PAP.
What Do We Do


• amplify the voices of the rank and file activists

• provide members for various Government Parliamentary Committee resource panels

• create deeper understanding of why certain policies have been formulated


"We serve the country and its people and the best way to serve is to listen to their needs and concerns. Rank and file members help provide these perspectives. They are the bedrock of the party and when these activists speak from the heart, it is very important that policy makers listen."
- Benjamin Tay, PPF Council chairman

Contact Us

We want you
Join us in our activities
• Attend & contribute policy suggestions at our dialogues
• Disseminate policy considerations shared by policy makers at our dialogues
• Each branch of the party can nominate two members to join the forum
• Women's Wing and the Young PAP may also nominate 10 members to join the forum

News Articles
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    Healthcare's new approach

    PPF dialogue on healthcare also throws up ideas, ranging from integrating TCM with Western medical practices to taxes on unhealthy food.

  • News Reports
    Unconventional Convention

    Petir went behind-the-scenes to find out from the organisers the PPF Council on the preparations that made this year’s convention different.

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