Executive Committee

Chairman: Fu Hai Yien, Grace
Vice Chairman (Outreach): Indranee Rajah
Vice Chairman (Advocacy): Teo Li Min, Josephine (Mrs)
Vice Chairman (Communications): Khor Lean Suan, Amy (Dr)
Secretary: Sim Ann
Assistant Secretary: Ng Hsueh Ling
Assistant Secretary: Lee Su Min
Treasurer: Foo Mee Har
Assistant Treasurer: Low Yen Ling
New Media Lead: Tin Pei Ling
New Media Deputy Lead: Chan Hui Yuh

District/ Deputy District Advisers

Central: Intan Azura Binte Mokhtar (Dr)
Joan Pereira
North East: Sun Xueling
Cheng Li Hui
North West: Lee Bee Wah (Er Dr)
South East: * Tin Pei Ling
Cheryl Chan Wei Ling
South West: * Low Yen Ling
Rahayu Mahzam

District/ Deputy District Representatives

Central: Koh Swee Hong, Daisy
Central (Deputy): Ho Jia Ni, Elaine
Central (Deputy): Ng Lay Tin
North East Wong Sit Ping, Samantha
North East (Deputy): * Lee Su Min
North East (Deputy): Ng Gim Soon, Cindy
North West: Chia Wea Eng, Amy
North West(Deputy): Chin Sooi Ing, Maria
North West (Deputy): Lim Soon Boey, Ellen
South East: Goh Chiu Guat, Eileen
South East (Deputy): Ong Liat Wah, Gina
South West: Sim Seo Lian, Pauline
South West (Deputy): Tan Tien Fen, Melissa
South West (Deputy): Koh Chuey Keen, Jenny


Member Ng Chui Hua, Angie
Member Ngiam Moi Kin, Daisy
Member Pang Li Yien, Diana
Member Lee Siow Ling, Lena (Dr)
Member Thang Leng Leng (A/Prof)

* dual appointment

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