Women Members of Parliament

Ms Ellen Lee (Since 2006)

  • Member of Parliament, Sembawang GRC
  • Advisor to PAP Women's Wing North West District

"Many women need our reassurance and support to become politicians because they will always feel that they are not good enough. Let us give each and every woman the endorsement she needs so that she can confidently commit herself to serve the people and the nation whole-heartedly."

Prior to entering the National University of Singapore, Ellen has already decided that she would be a people's lawyer, a voice for the disadvantaged.

For the past 2 decades, Ellen devoted considerable time and effort to disseminate knowledge of the law to the public and raised their awareness. She will continue to do so now that she has a higher profile as an MP.

Having worked closely with dysfunctional families and the low income group, Ellen will continue with her mission to improve their lives and help them to be self-sufficient.

Ellen would also be concentrating on her work in the areas of pre-school children, youths and women. She aims to build up and unite the women in Sembawang


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