Women Members of Parliament

Ms Foo Mee Har (Since 2011)

  • Member of the Government Parliamentary Committees (Finance and Trade & Industry; and Manpower)
  • Member of Parliament, West Coast GRC
  • Treasurer, PAP Women's Wing
  • Advisor to PAP Women's Wing South West District

"Women bring a unique set of capabilities that complement those of men. Fully accessing women's unique talents, experience, ideas & perspectives will help achieve exceptional outcomes for our society & nation."

As a professional in the financial sector and a working mother, Foo Mee Har has special interests in the following:

  • Ensuring Singaporeans are at the core of our workforce, with access to the best jobs and development opportunities 
  • Enhancing employment policies and practices to help older Singaporeans avoid age discrimination and achieve a higher employment rate so they can contribute to their fullest potential.
  • Providing women in Singapore with the necessary support systems to manage work and family in harmony, so that they can be fully empowered to pursue career and family goals of their choice.    
  •  Increasing women's participation in the workforce and leadership roles in public and private sectors so that their unique talents and experience form a valuable resource for society.
  • Strengthening Singapore's social safety nets so as to provide for those less fortunate and leave no one behind as our Nation scales new heights.


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