Women Members of Parliament

Ms Grace Fu (Since 2006)

  • Minister, Prime Minister's Office
  • Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources
  • Second Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Member of Parliament, Yuhua SMC
  • Chairman, PAP Women's Wing

"We are strong, we are invincible and we are women ~ song.

Make the best use of your talents, do something meaningful in your life with passion, live life to the fullest!"

As a professional with experience in managing a large corporation, Grace Fu is keen to promote the competitiveness of Singapore and Singaporeans in the global economy. At the same time, she is equally concerned about the impact of globalisation on the society. Grace believes that:

  • Singaporeans are creative and hardcopy, and will do well in this new era if we continue to train and re-train our people
  • The elderly has experience and capabilities that can contribute to the society. We need to harness this energy
  • Our children should be educated, not merely taught. Character building and inculcating the right values are critical components of our education system
  • The growing income gap is a key challenge and besides providing a safety net, we need to address the cost of living issue


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