Women Members of Parliament

Mdm Halimah Yacob (Since 2011)

  • Speaker of Parliament
  • Member of Parliament, Jurong GRC
  • Vice Chairman, PAP Women's Wing

"Our women have made great strides in society. However, we can achieve much more. The PAP Women's Wing can be the catalyst to help our women achieve their goals."

With extensive union experience, Madam Halimah has raised many significant employment related issues. She has also brought up important health matters. Issues she has raised include :-

  • Recommending that amendments be made to the Employment Act to better protect pregnant female employees from discrimination and from being retrenched or having their employment terminated because of pregnancy
  • Calling for review of the ElderShield Scheme to make it more effective scheme
  • Suggesting that tax exemption for the maid levy be granted to single women taking care of their aged parents
  • Seeking policies to be put in place against employers who discriminate older workers
  • Querying the effectiveness of HIV-AIDS public education campaigns


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