Women Members of Parliament

Miss Indranee Rajah (Since 2001)

  • Senior Minister of State for Law and Education
  • Member of Parliament, Tanjong Pagar GRC
  • Secretary, PAP Women's Wing

"Women think differently from men. It is not a matter of being right or wrong.
"We just think differently on certain issues. As such, we bring a different perspective to policies. Given that we make up about half the population, our input is not just desirable but absolutely necessary. I would therefore encourage Singapore women to participate on the political front. Singapore will be the poorer for it if we do not."

With her legal background, she has highlighted legal issues, as well as focused on education. She has also raised the following :-

  • The need to have a balance between the sciences and humanities in the schools' curriculum
  • Issues relating to singles, such as calling for a change in the HDB policy of disallowing single mothers to rent HDB flats and highlighting the viewpoints of single women regarding work and marriage
  • Concerns about the rising use of synthetic drugs amongst young Singaporeans who view them as "recreational" drugs
  • The need for legislation on harassment
  • Issues relating to terrorism, homeland security and emergency preparedness, as well as queries on the crime situation in Singapore and measures taken by the authorities to deal with them


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