Women Members of Parliament

Ms Jessica Tan (Since 2006)

  • Member of Parliament, East Coast GRC
  • Advisor to PAP Women's Wing South East District

"People make the difference. Women are an integral part of the family, workplace and community. As individuals or collectively, women can make a positive difference in society.

As Winston Churchill said "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give". I encourage all women to step forward and participate in whatever way we can. Only then, will we see a stronger Singapore."

Coming from the commercial sector and her regional experience working in the IT Industry with an MNC, Ms Tan is an advocate for policies that support Singapore's continued success and relevance in the increasingly globalized market. She has special interest in the following :

  • Building the Singapore identity : i.e. a sense of belonging, identity and inducing the desire to stay and build Singapore's future. Ensuring that our policies do not forget the very people they are meant to serve
  • Competitiveness and relevance of local enterprises in the globalized market
  • Employability and competitiveness of our workforce at all levels
  • Ensuring opportunities for children from less privileged families to have access to quality education and development
  • Policies that enable women and provide them the choice to stay in the workforce and progress


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